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Use the ReluxEnergy CH add-on to create energy-conscious planning with the energy certificate in accordance with the SIA 387/4:2023 standard and apply for subsidies for your project.


ReluxEnergy CH,

What does the software offer?

Create an energy certificate easily

ReluxEnergy CH is the calculation and verification tool for large lighting installations following the SIA 387/4:2023 standard. The add-on is Minergie-approved and also supports the ProKilowatt limit values of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. The program is tailored to the Swiss standards and guides you through entering the required information for your project in five simple steps.

Existing Excel files and RELUX projects can be imported. Create the room book and its standard utilisation. RELUX gives you access to the correct lighting technology products from industry partners, saving you time. Further limit and target values are available for Minergie and ProKilowatt.

Supported standards

updated SIA 387/4:2023

new ProKilowatt requirements

How to use ReluxEnergy CH ?


The Federal Office of Energy's subsidy program

The Federal Office of Energy's subsidy program supports efficiency measures that reduce electricity consumption. The subsidy can amount to up to 30% of the investment costs. On the website of ProKilowatt you will find the conditions of participation and can apply. You can gain an insight into realised projects in the area of lighting at - beleuchtung. The add-on supports the updated SIA 387/4:2023 and the new ProKilowatt requirements.

Further information on subsidies

  System requirements

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